Rock Talk: A Guide to the Films of Dwayne Johnson

Episode 21 - Furious 7

av Rock Talk: A Guide to the Films of Dwayne Johnson | Publicerades 3/7/2018

EPISODE 21 IS HERE!! After a long wait, (sorry everyone) the jabronis discuss what might be the MOST EPIC movie that has ever been put to film. Furious 7 is a movie that starts at a 10 and ONLY GOES UP FROM THERE. This movie brings a few new faces into the fold (Statham! Kurt Russell!) but is quintessential FAST FARE. We have skydiving cars, building jumps, exploding helicopters AND IT GETS CRAZIER. Oh, also there are butts. Lots of butts. Get used to it. Rampage release date moves to April 13!! DJ graciously accepts his Baywatch razzie!! The Rock has a baby health scare!! If you haven’t yet, please leave an iTunes review! It’s the number one thing you can do to help the jabronis out.

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The Rock is a lot of things. 2016's highest paid actor. People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive". Fanny pack fashion icon. Future president? And now, he's the subject of a brand new podcast! Join Jordan and Charlie on their quest to find out why Dwayne Johnson is the most electrifying man in entertainment. They'll break down every one of his IMDB offerings in near-obsessive detail until they get to the bottom of it. Special episodes are planned to examine his Saturday Night Live appearances, guest starring roles on TV shows and more!