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RMM-047: On the Duke of Sussex, First Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England (& TBOP XXVIII)

Prince August Frederick (1773-1834) was not your typical Royal. He married without permission (three times), held contrary views to his class (including strongly supporting the abolition of slavery, the emancipation of Catholics, and the repeal of civil laws restricting the freedom of Jews). When he died, he will his body by buried in common ground - a testament, perhaps, that we are all rendered equal in death. He had amassed library of over 50,000 volumes, including a trove of ancient manuscripts (many in Hebrew, a language in which he was quite competent). He lived a true Mason.He was unanimously elected the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England on St. John the Evangelist's Day in 1813, a mere 26 days after the Articles of Union were signed joining the Antients and the Moderns under the United jurisdiction. Support the show (

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