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RMM-053: Mackey Rolls in his Grave! More Shenanigans at the Grand Lodge of South Carolina!

We reluctantly bring you this breaking news from the GLSC where charges of unmasonic conduct have been filed against the Grand Master and his officers for, essentially, dereliction of duty for failing to hold an annual Grand Lodge as soon as reasonably practicable (or by alternative means necessary under the present COVID situation) and for, by the sounds of things, abuses of power. The Grand Lodge is the members in lodge assembled. It is not the officers of the Grand Lodge. And it sure 'aint the Grand Master who must answer at each annual convocation to the Brethren it is his honor to serve. In February we reported on the ongoing problems in S Carolina where the Grand Master was, apparently, overreaching his mandate in officiously preventing online meetings of masons (whether "in lodge" or not). He seized charters. He even expelled the SGIG. Now Union-Kilwinning Lodge No. 4 is striking back.Support the show (

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