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Temazcal: Sweat, Song & Spiritual Rebirth

A Temazcal is a sacred Mexican sweat lodge dating back to the 1500s. Its origins and rituals are rooted in Aztecan mythology, with the Temazcal representing the womb of the earth, where we go to be purified and reborn. Few other ceremonial rituals offer the depth of treatment that the Temazcal has to offer. In this episode, Yasmin and Robyn hear from Lupita Maldonado, Guardiana of Temazcal Ba'duhiini in Guerrero Mexico, to learn about the spiritual, physical and social benefits of this ancient practice. Drop us a line at or #rootsandritual to share your stories and topics you’d like us to explore. Visit for episode transcripts, more resources and links. Roots & Ritual is a Trippin production. Trippin is an independent platform that connects travel, culture and creativity like never before, collaborating with our community to uncover stories that are found at the intersection of social and cultural boundaries. Produced by Yasmin Shahmir & Robyn Landau Edited by Ami Bennett Translated by Sara Ene Music by Project Gemini track “The Ritual”

Om Podcasten

Roots & Ritual takes the listener on an immersive audio experience for a deeper connection to cultures across the world through an understanding of the spirited rituals, ceremonies and practices that make them unique. Host Yasmin Shahmir explores how these traditions have travelled and are evolving to embrace the needs of individuals and communities today. Throughout the series we hear from Shamans, Elders, Authors, Practitioners and more, drawing connections between rituals past and present to uncover ways we can move through our lives and our world with more meaning.