115: 7 strategies to take more time off

We talk a lot about the big picture vision of taking a 4-week vacation. #dreamy But what about now. We are in the middle of the Clockwork your life series and we really want to talk about how you can start taking more time off now, you know, for your life.   In this episode of the Run Like Clockwork Podcast, Adrienne + Giovanni + Danielia give 7 strategies for taking more time off now. These are all tangible, actionable strategies that will benefit you and your team as you clockwork your life.   Topics Adrienne, Gio and Dee cover in this episode: Strategies for being intentional with your time + boundaries Staying aware of buffers, capacity, and data How to stop treating your life as a distraction Valuing your own priorities A bonus tip   We hope that you take at least one or two of these strategies and start implementing them into your life so you can truly treat your life, not as a distraction, but as the main thing. You don’t have to wait until you get to that 4-week vacation to get more time off. Let us know which of these strategies you will start to implement right away.  Tag us on Instagram @rlclockwork If you'd like to start taking more time off now, we'd love to work with you! Apply for our Accelerator program. You will also get instant access to a free, private training all about “How to take your 4 week vacation in the next 12 months” which dives deep into how to design your business + team that runs itself.

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