175: So you've fallen off the clockwork wagon?

Clockworking is a lifelong practice, so like any major lifestyle changes or habits you are working on developing, it’s only natural that there will be ebbs and flows as you implement it.  In this episode Emily talks about the three most common reasons our clients feel like they stall out on their progress:  “I don’t have enough time in the day” “I can’t do it perfectly so I’m not doing it at all” “I keep getting distracted by a million little fires”   She also covers 3 simple ways to jumpstart after an extended break. Most importantly, if you’re experiencing a lull, remember to give yourself grace.    This is to be expected, it happens almost like clockwork ;)    The key is to seek out the support you need to push through these seasons.  And if that’s us, you can learn more at www.clockworkaccelerator.com

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