Episode 14: Outdoor Schools & Gear with Alyssa Marsh of Outdoor School Shop

Co-founder of Outdoor School Shop and Minnesota mom of 2, Alyssa Marsh joins us to chat about outdoor schools and outdoor kids gear. We discuss the various types of outdoor education (farm schools, forest schools, nature preschools, etc.), what they teach, how to find an outdoor school near you, and what kids need (gear-wise) to spend so much time outside. Outdoor School Shop is the premier online destination for education materials and gear for outdoor schools, featuring brands like Reima, Bogs, Smartwool, Muddy Puddles, and Polarn O. Pyret. ODSS is also the flagship sponsor for our first annual nationwide Run Wild My Child Treasure Hunt, coming to a city near you on April 2nd. Listen to the episode for more details!Register for the Treasure Hunt: www.runwildmychild.com/treasurehuntRWMC website: www.runwildmychild.comRWMC Instagram: @runwild.mychildOutdoor School Shop website: www.outdoorschoolshop.comOutdoor School Shop Instagram: @outdoorschoolshopIntroduction to outdoor schoolsOutdoor School Directory

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The Run Wild My Child podcast is where we discuss the importance of getting kids outside and help busy parents like you, get your kids off screens and out the door! Hosted by Sara McCarty, mom of 3 and founder of Run Wild My Child, a resource website all why kids need to spend time outside and filled with easy ways to make outdoor time fun and enjoyable for everyone, even if you’re not outdoorsy.