Episode 6: Raising Eco-Conscious Kids with Chelsea Furlong

This week we speak with Chelsea Furlong, a Virginia Beach photographer, former teacher, and homeschooling mom of two about raising eco-conscious kids. Chelsea is committed to reducing her carbon footprint and raising kids that care for our planet. Every week they spend a day picking up litter, plastic and cleaning up the beaches in their area. Chelsea talks about how we can raise kids that are good stewards of nature and small things that all of us can do to make a difference.RWMC website: www.runwildmychild.comRWMC Instagram: @runwild.mychildChelsea's Instagram: @dimples.and.the.blondeChelsea's website: www.chelsealyn.photography

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The Run Wild My Child podcast is where we discuss the importance of getting kids outside and help busy parents like you, get your kids off screens and out the door! Hosted by Sara McCarty, mom of 3 and founder of Run Wild My Child, a resource website all why kids need to spend time outside and filled with easy ways to make outdoor time fun and enjoyable for everyone, even if you’re not outdoorsy.