How IoT Opened New Doors with Resellers and Distributors

In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Kalon Welch, EVP of Business Development and Co-Owner at FastSensor, shares how after working with big companies like Accenture and Novell, he jumped into working with a small agency, taking it from about $4 million to around $100 million, primarily through partnerships. The presentation is all about how FastSensor uses IoT and different types of alternative partnerships to build business and to understand how to go into a space that's very traditional in some senses and flip it on its head. A presentation jam-packed with value, listen to: How they built something that was smarter and better and resold the same product. Using partners to solve a problem. How complementary technology can be used to integrate and be stronger in taking partner products to market, which means those partners will always drag you to market too. Tip: Look for the partners that you compliment and make stronger; if you can give first you're going to get back. And if you can give, they're going to take you with them. Don't think the same way. Think differently. When you figure out how to go to market, don't follow the same track that everybody else has: mix it up, bounce off walls, try stuff, fail constantly, and figure out what's going to work for you. Tip: Find little things that work and look for patterns. And then repeat those patterns. Partner with your customers. Resources Mentioned: Accenture Novell Omnicom Best Buy Walmart Microsoft HP IBM Dell Costco Sears Magenta Target Vinos Thank you to our amazing podcast team at Content Allies! Want to launch your own B2B revenue-generating podcasts? Contact them at

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