Solving the Partnership Prisoner's Dilemma: Emerging Tech For Partner Success

In this episode of SaaS Connect by Cloud Software Association, Bob Moore, Co-Founder and CEO at Crossbeam (essentially an escrow service for data), gives a presentation on how the technology markets in and around partnerships have matured and evolved over the last several years. He also addresses the common dilemma of partners wanting to protect their data in collaborations. In this information-packed show, the following is covered: When partners protect their data because they don't want to face the risk of data breaches or oversharing, it makes partnerships less effective than they could be. The market demands a new generation of solutions that break down the walls and build up a new framework for how we all work together. Our goal as partners is to create value, not destroy it. Game-changing tech innovation is the result of new instances of product-market fit, and the rise of the API economy. The impact of SaaS and how it is taking over how all companies operate. What the next wave of innovation should be, and the challenges. What successful partnerships look like, emerging tech, and a few real-life examples (Slack, Snowflake, Crossbeam). The adoption curve and looking forward. Resources Mentioned: Salesforce Asana HubSpot Slack Snowflake Thank you to our amazing podcast team at Content Allies! Want to launch your own B2B revenue-generating podcasts? Contact them at

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