Brian Trautman, SV Delos - Sailing - The Ocean Cruisers Podcast - Chat 29

If you would like support us in the creation of the podcast please consider becoming a Patreon, we release the podcasts early to members as well as recovering our newsletter about upcoming guests so you can ask questions yourself. Anything is appreciated and it would be great to build a community around the podcast. week on The Ocean Cruisers podcast we are speaking with Brian Trautman of SV DelosBrain along with his wife Karin and his Daughter Sierra,  sail around the world on a 53ft Amel Super Maramu.Along with his brother Brady and a wild crew of world travellers they set off from Mexico in 2009 and never looked back.They started producing sailing videos for YouTube in 2010 and have since gained nearly 800,000 subscribers.Delos has now sailed 4 oceans and over 80,000 miles, visited 6 continents, over 47 countries and is about to cross the Panama Canal into the Pacific OceanIf you want to learn more about Brian you can visit his YouTube channel SV Delos us on Instagram, Facebook, watch the interviews on Youtube and download the audio on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.You can follow our social media pages and interact with us by checking out the link below: Rock | Hiking Free Music by Efficsounds & Alex-Productions | promoted by Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License With Friends Bourbon With Friends. THE bourbon podcast, that never takes itself too seriously.Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify Fine TimeAn enthusiast video game podcast that's weird, snappy, and fun.Listen on: Apple Podcasts   Spotify

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My name is Andy, I have been speaking with sailors for a while and now we are about to embark on our own journey. We are about to embark on a circumnavigation and intend to bring guests aboard to learn about sea faring life as we go. Follow us on Instagram and the Facebook page to check out my travels and also the guests.