Khiara & Adam, Sailing Millennial Falcon - Sailing - The Ocean Cruisers Podcast - Chat 17

Welcome to the Ocean Cruisers Podcast, hosted by Andy HThis week we are speaking to Khiara and Adam from Sailing Millenial FalconKhiara and Adam are two Australians who lived in Melbourne and did the 9 to 5 work like  prior to their travels.With the desire to  travel the world they started their journey in Miami and began their hunt for a blue water cruiser and finally found a Tayana Vancouver 42 sailboatThey sailed from the States to the Caribbean and spent 2 years cruising around and learning about living on the water and how to repair boats in remote places.This year the decided to take on their first ocean passage and sailed all the way from the Caribbean over to the Azores, making it their first Atlantic crossing They are now planning the next stage of their journey which will definitely contain big ocean crossings and lots of adventuresYou can learn about Khiara and Adam on their YouTube sailing channel, Sailing Millennial Falcon us on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and download the audio on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.You can follow our social media pages and interact with us by checking out the link below:

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My name is Andy, I have been speaking with sailors for a while and now we are about to embark on our own journey. We are about to embark on a circumnavigation and intend to bring guests aboard to learn about sea faring life as we go. Follow us on Instagram and the Facebook page to check out my travels and also the guests.