7: Scaling & Process in the World of Sales Tech with Skaled Consulting’s Jake Dunlap

Scaling & Process in the World of Sales Tech with Skaled Consulting’s Jake Dunlap Episode Summary: Welcome to Sales Tech, the show that talks about sales technology, what’s working, what’s not, and where the industry is going. In this episode, Jake Dunlap joins the show to provide his thoughts on the ever-evolving sales tech industry. Jake is the CEO of Skaled Consulting, a company that helps organizations meet buyer demand through a unique approach that combines modern sales strategy, intentional digital presence, and quality execution. Today, Thom and Jake discuss the sales experience and how it can be a huge differentiator in today’s market. Jake expounds on the importance of process, the value of tactical execution, and why it is so critical that sales professionals take control and invest in sales technology tools that can help them hit quota more effectively. They discuss the work Jake and his team do at Skaled, the critical need for collaboration, and what the future holds for the sales industry. What We Covered: 00:38 – Thom introduces today’s guest, Jake Dunlap who joins the show to discuss the current state of the sales tech industry 02:38 – Best practices for dealing with the overwhelming emergence of so many new sales tech tools 05:11 – The most important sales tech tools that Jake has noticed in the market 08:25 – How customer behavior has changed over recent years and why salespeople need to be aware of these changes 10:50 – Jake speaks to trends he’s notices where sales tech is not being utilized and maximized the proper way 12:22 – Jake expounds on the difference between quantity and quality as it pertains to sales tech   14:05 – Jake speaks to how sales professionals can better utilize sales tech 16:04 – What excites Jake most about the future of sales tech 18:15 – Jake speaks to how he and his team at Skaled focus on tactical execution  20:03 – Why most of Jake’s customers have issues with process above all else 21:16 – Jake speculates on the future of sales tech and what sales professionals should be preparing for 23:48 – Final words of wisdom from Jake 24:40 – Thom thanks Jake for joining the show today and let’s listeners know where they can connect with him   Tweetables: “I think right now we have a bit of a knowledge gap. Meaning, right now people don’t really even fathom what is or isn’t possible because there’s so many new tools and it’s always emerging.” (01:48) “Just like marketing goes and hires experts in performance marketing, sales teams need to get comfortable working with outside partners that will help them fill in the gaps of expertise.” (04:23) “As buyers have become more educated – they want a process, they want a helper, they want a guide – a platform where you and the customer and collaborating on the sales process, that to me is the new frontier for sales itself.” (07:46) “The issue with sales tech and how most people are wielding it today, is they’re using it to push the ‘more’ button. Listen to more calls. Do more activities. And we didn’t realize that these tools are about ‘more’ and quality.” (11:19) “If I was an individual, I’d either make sure I went to a company that values sales technology, or I’d buy it myself. And I know that’s gonna be controversial, but what are you waiting for? These tools exist.” (14:47) “I’m very bullish that using a beautiful way to talk through and describe and gather information, coupled with a way to interact with customers to get their input in the process, is going to dramatically shrink sales cycles. It’s gonna increase trust with prospects. It’s gonna make the experience fun.” (16:52) “If you don’t know your customer journey, how can you then align an optimal customer path?” (18:53) “The deployment and implementation is Step Zero. The end goal for any tech is power usage. And so make sure that when you do purchase, you’re building a path to get to power usage and reinforcement.” (24:25) Links Mentioned: Jake Dunlap on LinkedIn Skaled Consulting’s Website The Goal  Zoom Info  Sales Intel Sales Navigator Lusha Mural  In Accord Clubhouse

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