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masturbate don't contaminate

Hey guys, I really wanted this episode to NOT be revolved around the pandemic situation, but unfortunately, as I'm sure all of you can relate, it's all I can talk about. I am gagging for some goss off someone. I can't even vicariously live through someones else chaotic sex life anymore.

Anyway, trying not to put a dampener on things I put my entertaining hat on to bring you this podcast: me talking shite for 40 minutes. Apologies for the rambling but apparently some of you freakazoids are into that sort of thing. Wishing you all the best and if any of you have anything to add feel free to message me on insta: @kee_mon

Ellie and I will be meeting soon to record a pod on some non-coronavirus related shite talk next week. Hope you enjoy :)

Om Podcasten

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