What Is Parental Presence?

Welcome to another episode of the podcast!This week I'm talking about Parental Presence and how we can use this fundamental building block of connective parenting to create a stronger, deeper bond with our child.You can find out more about Connective Parenting NVR in my free 60 minute workshop HERE Visit my website: https://sarahpfisher.com/Want to find out more about Sarah Fisher Coaching Events?https://www.sarahpfisher.com/coming-upIf you want to find me on social media you'll find me here:https://www.facebook.com/sarahfisherparentcoachhttps://twitter.com/fishercoachinghttps://www.instagram.com/fishercoaching/

Om Podcasten

This is the podcast for parents wanting to feel empowered and discover the wonders of connective parenting. We'll be talking about everything from managing meltdowns to anxiety to keeping healthy and so much more. Why not come and join us?