3.13 Saturnz Return with Drum and Bass Icon Goldie

Goldie is an artist, musician, actor and cultural icon who pioneered the drum and bass scene in the nineties. After his first album Timeless sent him supernova, Goldie was thrown into a world of fame and fortune. In this episode, Goldie takes Caggie through his personal journey including his time in and out of the care system as a child, his relationship to his mother and his theories on past lives and our place in the universe. They also discuss his creative process including the albums The Journeyman and Saturnz Return, which begins with an hour-long track called Mother, and his autobiography All Things Remembered. This episode touches on themes which some listeners might find triggering, including drugs and alcohol, and suicide.

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Caggie and her guests explore the challenges and opportunities that come with change and our individual quest for authenticity. This podcast aims to bring calm and clarity during times of transition - underpinned by the astrological transit known as your Saturn Return. You are not alone.