3.8 Living by the Moon with Kirsty Gallagher

Moon mentor Kirsty Gallagher first met Caggie back in April 2020, when her book Lunar Living was published. Since then, Kirsty's career has gone from strength to strength, and the pair have become the closest of friends. In this conversation they discuss how spending time in India prompted Kirsty to begin living by the moon, and how it has informed her life. They also discuss what our moon signs mean for us individually and as a collective, and Kirsty explores Caggie's moon sign with an Angel card reading.

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Caggie and her guests explore the challenges and opportunities that come with change and our individual quest for authenticity. This podcast aims to bring calm and clarity during times of transition - underpinned by the astrological transit known as your Saturn Return. You are not alone.