Episode 21 The Nomadic Positive Psychologist

Stephanie is earning her Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Divvy is Chicago’s bike share program.Indego is Philadelphia’s bike share program.Vipassana centers around the world teach free 10-day meditation courses to anyone who is interested.In case you were still wondering how glitter was invented Ruth Bader Ginsberg is arguable the most bad-ass Supreme Court Justice our country has ever seen. Young Life is a Christian organization Stephanie was a member of in college.Phi Alpha Delta is the pre-law fraternity Stephanie was involve with as an undergrad.Division Street Chicago Follow Stephanie on Instagram @shearcheer or send her an e-mail at stephanie.shear@gmail.com

Om Podcasten

Big change and new experiences, ideas, philosophies are common when the planet Saturn returns to the same celestial location it occupied at our birth. These can be times of great struggle and obstacles, new challenges and responsibilities that often mark time as a clear “before” and “after.” Host Regina Beach turned 30, quit her job and is heading to Laos to live and work. Follow her on her Return of Saturn journey.