JAMES ALEXANDER - Can we prevent the mass extinction of nature? The race is on.

 Are we heading for a mass nature extinction? Nature is in a massive decline, and we, as a society, have become too disconnected from nature to even notice the drastic changes. Listen to James and Jeremy discuss how to become more aware of these changes happening around us and even better – what is being done to help prevent it. Can the collective power drive the change needed to reverse the way we are heading? listen now to find out. James talks us through his career and work with WWF and lets us into where his passion for saving tomorrow’s planet comes from. This reveals a story about how James rediscovered a bird species that was once thought to be extinct. The episode goes on and explains the #VoiceForThePlanet coalition and #TheRaceIsOn campaign. Both outstanding initiatives James has co-founded to create a nature positive world by 2030. To finish, they discuss how YOU can make a difference to make sure WE win this race. More about James: James is a Director of FutureAgenda.org, an open-source think tank and advisory delivering foresight, strategy and innovation to some of the world’s leading organisations (e.g. Amazon, BP, Mastercard, WWF). James leads the Strategy practice where recent work includes leading whole organisation strategy development for WWF and Which?He is also a co-founder of #voicefortheplanet, the coalition aimed at securing a global deal for nature in 2021, launched at the World Economic Forum in 2019. Through #VoiceForThePlanet he has acted as a co-convenor of #TheRaceIsOn to secure a nature positive world by 2030. He was previously a co-founder and Executive Director of Zopa and a Strategy Director at Egg during its high growth phase. He has been an advisor to a number of innovative finance payers including Seedrs, Tandem, Loot and LandBay. Please check out the following relevant links: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/theraceison-start-now-we-all-lose-james-alexander/https://voicefortheplanet.org/ https://www.leaderspledgefornature.org/theraceison/  More about Jeremy: Your host, Jeremy Schwartz, is a CEO, family man and adventurer. With a career spanning The Body Shop, L’Oreal, Coca-Cola and Pandora he knows the power of corporations to do good. Founder of this podcast, he is set on a mission to talk to pioneering people, around the world, taking action to save the planet. Jeremy's LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/jeremyschwartz2021-ceo-coo Saving Tomorrow's Planet website: www.savingtomorrowsplanet.com  Thanks for listening - Please like, subscribe and share this podcast!  

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