Jeremy Schwartz - The Body Shop Amazonian Story

Jeremy Schwartz is host to the Saving Tomorrow’s Planet podcast and former CEO of The Body Shop - makers of vegan body lotion, skincare, hand sanitisers, body buttersJeremy shares how, as CEO, he and his team turned The Body Shop’s 5 values into a single minded Company Purpose. Inspired by a trip in the Amazon jungle, the three word purpose, Enrich not Exploit, led to the cruelty free cosmetics campaign "Forever Against Animal Testing", doubling the fair trade ingredients and the "Bio Bridge", re wilding campaign to protect endangered animals and plants.

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Saving Tomorrow’s Planet investigates who’s doing what to save the planet & how we all can change to save it too. We are focussed on people actually doing things and not just talking about the need to do it. Solving the climate crisis needs “Innovators, Investors & Inspiring leaders” and that’s who we’re tracking down and talking to. Our conversations uncover innovative actions that individuals & companies are taking to reduce global warming and we also ask each guest to share their practical “tips and tricks” we can all use to reduce our environmental impact.