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JEREMY SCHWARTZ - Top 5 'Saving Tomorrow's Planet' Themes.

In this week’s episode, Jeremy takes time to reflect on Season Two so far and brings in the expert thoughts and ideas he has developed within his current role at Kantar. Jeremy summaries some of the learnings from the previous inspiring guests and produces his top 5 key takeaway themes.  Jeremy touches on the big issue of plastic and helps answer WHY, after knowing the disastrous impact of single-use plastic, so many of us still resort to buying and using it. Jeremy speaks about the role and power of the government in making the change towards a more sustainable tomorrow. He further discusses creating true innovation and causing disruption, this being the type of innovation required to have a positive impact on tomorrow’s environment.  We hope you have enjoyed Season Two so far and are sure to like and subscribe to the podcast.  To stay up to date on all our episodes and news please follow our Instagram:   More about Jeremy :Your host, Jeremy Schwartz, is a CEO, family man and adventurer. With a career spanning The Body Shop, L’Oreal, Coca-Cola and Pandora he knows the power of corporations to do good. Founder of this podcast, he is set on a mission to talk to pioneering people worldwide, taking action to save the planet. Jeremy's LinkedIn: Saving Tomorrow's Planet website:  Thanks for listening - Please like, subscribe and share this podcast!  

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Saving Tomorrow’s Planet investigates who’s doing what to save the planet & how we all can change to save it too. We are focussed on people actually doing things and not just talking about the need to do it. Solving the climate crisis needs “Innovators, Investors & Inspiring leaders” and that’s who we’re tracking down and talking to. Our conversations uncover innovative actions that individuals & companies are taking to reduce global warming and we also ask each guest to share their practical “tips and tricks” we can all use to reduce our environmental impact.