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Interview Hollywood legend behind BILL & TED, HELLRAISER, ELM STREET & more!

Want to get Hired in a Horror Film Lead? Hear from the Producer that gave Keanu  Reeves his first Above Title Billing that made him a Movie Star.  Hi this Steve Owens and my Guest on School of Hollywood is Joel Soisson  Acclaimed Hollywood producer (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2, Phantoms, Piranha 3DD) and has a new film MY BEST WORST ADVENTURE.This is great one for Actors, Writes and Producers because Joel really tells it like it is. Plus Joel and I talk about his new film MY BEST WORST ADVENTURE and how he discovered leading actress in an open call.  MY BEST WORST ADVENTURE.  There are worse things than death. Especially for a testy American teen sent to stay with her eccentric Thai grandmother. Written and directed by Joel Soisson (“The Prophecy”, “A Nightmare on Elm Street II : Freddy’s Revnge”, “Pulse”), and starring Lily Patra, Pan Rugtawatr and Eoin O'Brien, MY BEST WORST ADVENTURE will be available on digital platforms (Amazon, Comvast, FandangoNow, Vudu, Verizon Cable, Overdrive, Vimeo & more) beginning September 1 from Kaczmarek Digital Media Group. 

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