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31. The 6 types of support every leader needs and 4 things to look out for when choosing a coach

av Schools Of Excellence Podcast | Publicerades 6/8/2021

So many of us get caught up in the different types of support that we need.  Sometimes we think we only need financial support, or bookkeeping support, or tax accounting, or team support. And really, those are all peripheral. Those are all kinds of outside contextual things that every school leader needs.  In today’s episode, I talk about the six types of support that you specifically need for yourself.  So not for your team, not for your financial team, not for your administrative team, but specifically for you. When seeking the kind of support I talk about in this episode, it is important to check whether your mentor has walked down the path you are currently walking on. Choose people that have done what it is that you're trying to do, because this significantly increases your chances of succeeding.   In a nutshell, I discuss: The 6 types of support that every school leader needs The difference between a mentor and a coach, and why you need both The 4 things to pay attention to when choosing a coach or mentor ...and so much more!   Click Here to Listen on Apple Podcasts Click Here to Listen on Non-Apple Devices   Resources and links mentioned in this episode: This week I opened of the doors to my membership program, Directors Inner Circle and Owners HQ. Sign up for the Director’s Inner Circle & Owner's HQ HERE If you are ready to take your school to the next level of growth and are looking for support, community and accountability to make that happen - then would love for you to apply for our directors inner circle or owners HQ program.  Apply for the Director’s Inner Circle & Owner's HQ

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