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28. Build to Last Workshop: Time Management: Theme Days and Time Blocking

av Schools Of Excellence Podcast | Publicerades 6/2/2021

Are you ready to create a calendar that serves you and leads to NO MORE INTERRUPTIONS? So many directors and owners come to me and tell me they are so overwhelmed or that they are working 12 hour days because they have too long to-do lists or because they are wearing too many hats in their school. It DOESN'T have to be that way. Today I discussed: 3 Myths of the school leaders time “I always need to be available” "I’m the only one who can do this job well” "I use my time well - there just isn’t enough time in the day” Block and Tackle method - a powerful strategy to ensure you don’t get interrupted. What is the definition of an emergency? Sample Theme Days - which is an organizing principle for how to show up in your day Our biggest takeaway from today... activities that aren't moving your school forward you need to delegate out. SPECIAL GUEST on today’s training was Jo David She is a director who shared her calendar She also spoke about How she took a day off even though she had 3 call-outs that morning Why she makes time to train her staff How she is removing 2 hours of work every day! Her theme days and how that is helping her school in this season of growth. and so much more This section with Jo is the last 30 minutes of the training.   Resources Mentioned: Scripts Workbook Difficult Conversation Template Door Sign

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