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30. Build to Last Workshop: How to Navigate and Deal with Conflict and Impossible Conversations

av Schools Of Excellence Podcast | Publicerades 6/4/2021

It's the last day of the Build to Last Workshop! Directors and owners spend on average 4 hours solving fielding and solving problems from teachers a day.  4 HOURS!  Navigating conflict is 90% of your job.    This is why so many school leaders before joining our program are working 13 hour days, nights, and weekends.  They are busy managing conflict all day that the only time they have to finish their to-do list is after hours. Today we learn to start solving that.  Today we spoke about:  The different types of conflict. Strategies on how to navigate & deal with conflict, and impossible conversations Determining how you want to show up and lead difficult conversations Click here to watch the replay. Didn’t grab your workbook yet, click here to download it. Today you also heard that I opened the doors for my flagship programs, the Director's Inner Circle and Owners HQ. I want to share with you just 10 of the 100 done for you systems and frameworks that we have inside the program. How to help teachers meet their deadlines How to hire and train staff How to conduct classroom observations The 6 performance keys assessment to see the teachers strengths and weaknesses The site tour audit - How to observe your locations and make improvements The daily huddle - how to ensure all admin team are on the same page Effective meeting blueprint - how to plan, lead and succeed at every staff meeting Leadership habits- the habits you need to succeed at school The parent meeting playbook - the entire meeting framework for how to meet with parents of children with challenging behavior The 4 parent archetypes - scripts and templates to connect with every type of parent These are just 10 of the 100 trainings waiting for you inside the membership And…. These trainings come with a personal accountability advisor. Someone who will show you HOW to implement this in your school. Education and information is NOT enough   You need to know how to implement it in your school. Apply today!   When you apply before Monday, June 7th at 7 pm EST you will receive the Early Bird Special- my Confidence and Resiliency Training, a $500 value- free!

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