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22 - Buzzword Alert - Container Basics

av Scott Talks Tech | Publicerades 5/25/2020

Welcome, I'm your host, Scott Everhart, and in this episode I'm going to discuss everyone’s favorite topic….containers. I’ll discuss what containers are, how they are different from a regular bare metal server or Virtual Machine, and how they can make your application deployments and upgrades easier.

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Hello all,This podcast is going through an upgrade and I'm planning on having new episodes out sometime in 2021.So you think you know tech.  Get a different perspective from someone that has been in the industry for 20 (ish) years. I'm going to explore the following topics:Tech reviews - SoftwareTech reviews - HardwareDevOpsSoftware build techSoftware deployment automationInfrastructure automationSoftware testingTest automationNew techOld techFresh techAnd some that is not so fresh (go retro) So stay tuned and come along for the ride.