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SCP-096: "The Shy Guy" - SCP Archives

Avsnittet publicerades: 4/30/2019

Don't look directly at the skippers face. You'll regret it...


Cast & Crew:
SCP-096 by Dr. Dan

Narrated by Jon Grilz 

Doctor #### - Addison Peacock
Captain ### - Russ More
Interviewer - Atticus Jackson
ER-A - Michael Murphree
Dr. Oleksei - Jason Smith
Dr. Dan - Jesse Hall
MTF-T-1 - Tony Dallape
Wilford - Uri Sacharow
Travis - Scott Thomas
Reporter - Ashlee Hall
O5-1 - Aaron Sacharow
Tom Rory Parsons - Music
Pacific S. Obadiah - Showrunner
Tom Owen - Producer
Presented by Bloody Disgusting



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