Interview with Screenwriter, Professor and Author David Greenberg

David is an accomplished Screenwriter of over 60 screenplays with 15 screenwriting credits on IMDb. David teaches screenwriting at Drexel University and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. David evaluates screenplays for the prestigious Austin Screenwriters Conference and is active in the Philadelphia screenwriting community, frequently reading screenplays for The Set In Philadelphia Screenplay Competition and serving as a panelist/mentor at various workshops aimed at nurturing new talent.David's book entitled "Screenwriting for Micro-Budget Films" was published by Routledge Press in 2021. The book is an examination of the special characteristics that are needed to make a feature film for under $100,000. The book includes interviews with micro-budget filmmakers Alex Ross Perry ("Her Smell", "Golden Exits", "Listen Up, Phillip"), Lawrence Michael Levine ("Black Bear", "Wild Canaries") and Aaron Katz ("Cold Weather", "Quiet City").Buy David's Book here ==>> 'Screenwriting for Micro-Budget Films'

Om Podcasten

Scriptcake is dedicated to the art and craft of screenwriting. With over 20 years of experience teaching screenwriting, I've seen novice screenwriters struggle with the same issues over and over again. I’ve created this podcast for those of you who struggle with these very same script issues. This podcast will help you overcome the most common mistakes screenwriters make and will help you develop your idea into a multi-dimensional story. If you want help formatting your screenplay, google it. I want to focus on issues that aren’t quite as google-able.