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Innovation delivered | Lukasz Marczyk, Accenture

av Searching for Mana with Lloyd Wahed | Publicerades 2/16/2021

This week, Mana Labs co-founder Mimi Nguyen speaks with Lukasz Marczyk from Accenture's Warsaw office. As an innovation leader and part of Accenture's leadership team in Poland, Lukasz discusses his experience within innovation management and his journey towards becoming Managing Director and Partner at Accenture. This episode also does a deep dive into the rise of insurtech and the current innovative trends of the industry. Lukasz t tells Mimi about the company’s game-changing work on cloud, automation and robotics, why management consulting needs to incorporate design thinking and why talent is the main asset of any company. Plus, he fills us in on why excelling in leadership skills at Stanford University can help senior-level managers advance faster and collaborate better on innovation ideas. Follow Mana Search on Twitter: https://twitter.com/manasearchuk Follow Mana Search on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mana-talent/

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