Ep 519: The Trick To Being First Purchase Profitable With Priti Kapoor, Jenny Bird

The pressure in the industry to spend on advertising without achieving profitability leading to irresponsible guidance for many direct-to-consumer companies and a lack of financial literacy among business owners.In this episode, Jordan West and  Priti Kapoor,  share insights into the importance of profitable growth and sustainability in the retail industry, emphasizing the impact of intuitive decision-making. The conversation delves into the challenges of achieving profitability and intuition in business decision-making.Listen and learn in this episode!Key takeaways from this episode:The importance of financial support and sustainable growth in the retail industry, particularly in e-commerce.Emphasizing customer lifetime value and retention strategies, not just acquisition, in building a brand.The decision-making balance between data-driven and intuitive approaches in business.Recommended Apps/Tool:Cohort Analysis on Shopify: https://www.shopify.com/Lifetimely: https://www.lifetimely.io/Recommended Audiobook:Paris by Paris Hilton: https://www.audible.com/pd/Paris-Audiobook/B0BCHBZDPXHow I Built This: https://www.audible.com/pd/How-I-Built-This-Audiobook/B08BSZHW17Today’s Guest:Priti Kapoor, VP of Finance and Operations at Jenny Bird began her career in the apparel business, where she gained valuable experience in brick and mortar retail. Her first foray into online retail was with Jenny Bird, where she worked as an online retailer and wholesaler. With five and a half years of experience, Priti has become adept at navigating the complex world of e-commerce and digital advertising.Connect and learn more about Priti and Jenny Bird:LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/priti-kapoor-cpa-ca-97a86b17/Website: https://jenny-bird.com/Growth Plan: www.upgrowthcommerce.com/growIn this episode's sponsor is Subsummit - led by Christopher George, Co-Founder and CEO, is the hub for subscription commerce enthusiasts. SubSummit is the world's largest gathering for DTC subscription and membership brands. It brings together industry leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs to explore the booming 2-trillion-dollar subscription industry. Whether you're already involved or looking to join, SubSummit is your go-to event for networking and learning in this thriving sector.Learn more here: Subsummit

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TL;DR: Secrets to Scaling Your E-commerce Brand PodcastHosted by Brand + Agency Owner Jordan West, delve into the essentials of e-commerce growth, including:Paid Advertising: Master the art of paid ads across platforms.Creative Strategy: Unlock innovative approaches to marketing.TikTok Shop & Ads: Explore the potential of TikTok for e-commerce.Facebook Ads: Leverage Facebook's vast network for your brand.Influencer Outreach: Harness the power of influencer marketing.Real Successes & Failures: Learn from real-life experiences and case studies.Industry Leader Insights: Gain wisdom from top figures in the e-commerce world.Join us for invaluable advice and strategies to elevate your e-commerce store.Welcome to "Secrets to Scaling Your E-commerce Brand," the podcast where we dive deep into the mechanics and strategies of growing your online store. I'm your host, Jordan West, a seasoned entrepreneur who has navigated the highs and lows of owning six e-commerce brands and leading a DTC marketing agency.In this podcast, we're not just scratching the surface. We're dissecting the very core of what it takes to amplify your e-commerce store's revenue. From mastering paid ads and unravelling the mysteries of creative strategy to leveraging TikTok Shop and TikTok ads, Facebook ads, and beyond. I'll share the tactics that have propelled my businesses forward and the lessons learned from the pitfalls I've encountered along the way.But that's not all. "Secrets to Scaling Your E-commerce Brand" is also about the voices of industry leaders who've made significant impacts in the e-commerce world. Join us as we talk to these pioneers, extracting valuable insights and actionable advice that you can apply directly to your business.Whether you're a budding entrepreneur eager to make your mark or an established brand looking to break through to the next level, this podcast is your go-to resource for strategies that work. Join me, Jordan West, as we unlock the secrets to scaling your e-commerce brand, transforming challenges into opportunities, and visions into realities.