Ep 524: Software Battle 1 - Klaviyo VS Sendlane - Let The Best ESP Win with Jordan West

Whether you're a die-hard Klaviyo fan, a Sendlane advocate, or still undecided, Jordan's  insights will provide you with valuable information to help make the best choice for your business.In this episode, Jordan West takes on the ultimate battle royale – Klaviyo vs. Sendlane. He shares his own experiences and insights, offering a transparent and valuable comparison of the two platforms. As a special treat, he also provides a glimpse into the world of software, discussing the importance of choosing the right tools for your ecommerce business. Listen and learn in this episode!Key takeaways from this episode:The impact of customer support on the overall experience and efficiency of using a platform, and the significance of swift and responsive customer service.The role of pricing models and how they can impact the overall cost and scalability of using an email marketing platform.The value of ongoing development and the ability of a platform to adapt and innovate, as well as the importance of integrations and ease of use for email marketing and automation.The importance of taking a holistic approach when evaluating software, considering factors such as reporting, analytics, and functionality, as well as the significance of the company's vision and approach.The impact of proactive guidance and support from the platform provider, especially during times of industry changes or transition. This emphasizes the role of personalized and hands-on support in decision-making.Recommended link:Sendlane: https://www.sendlane.com?fpr=8qg3mKlaviyo: https://www.klaviyo.com/MailChimp: https://mailchimp.com/Amped.io: https://www.amped.io/Growth Plan: www.upgrowthcommerce.com/growMillion Dollar Offers: www.upgrowthcommerce.com/growIn this episode's sponsor is Subsummit - led by Christopher George, Co-Founder and CEO, is the hub for subscription commerce enthusiasts. SubSummit is the world's largest gathering for DTC subscription and membership brands. It brings together industry leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs to explore the booming 2-trillion-dollar subscription industry. Whether you're already involved or looking to join, SubSummit is your go-to event for networking and learning in this thriving sector.Learn more here: Subsummit

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