Episode 2 - Get Ready to Get Yoinked: Physical Fitness in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is mostly a sedentary job. You sit. You defend. You research. You remediate. It's a lot of time staring at a screen.It's easy to develop that cyberslouch and slide into that cyberbod. 💪🏽On this edition of the Secure After Dark podcast, host Tanner Shinn (did you know he once owned a gym?) and guest Phillip Wylie (did you know he's a former wrestler?) chat about why physical fitness is important to our field. They'll share their journeys lifting weights and getting fit. 🏋️‍♂️#Cyb...

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People often imagine hackers lurking in back alleys, skulking through darkness. Even though the reality is cybersecurity, and even hacking, is more corporate, there’s still an on-the-streets vibe to much of what cyber professionals do. If that’s where your interest lies, The Secure After Dark podcast is for you.Join host Tanner Shinn to learn from Alias and outside guests about the often-hidden side of cybersecurity.