Episode 6 - Probing AI's Powers: From Security Enhancements to Extortion Tactics

AI is all the rage in the news. From how cyberthreats will be on the rise to how cyberdefense can leverage the technology for better security. But what, really, can AI do? What's hype? And what are legitimate concerns and opportunities?On this episode of Secure After Dark, Tanner Shinn engages in a conversation with an AI practitioner to get to the bottom of what is and what isn't possible. Watch the full video at youtube.com/@aliascybersecurity.Catch the whole episode now at https://bit...

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People often imagine hackers lurking in back alleys, skulking through darkness. Even though the reality is cybersecurity, and even hacking, is more corporate, there’s still an on-the-streets vibe to much of what cyber professionals do. If that’s where your interest lies, The Secure After Dark podcast is for you.Join host Tanner Shinn to learn from Alias and outside guests about the often-hidden side of cybersecurity.