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Episode 3: Eat Without Distractions.

This week, we're revisiting an old habit that dies hard. With a little more intentionality, the Self-Care Squad will be on their way to happier and healthier lives! For episode resources, see Music: Happy Clappy Ukulele by Shane Ivers -

Om Podcasten

Self-Care for Educators is the podcast for creating happy, healthy, inspired, badass educators. Host Tina H. Boogren is a lifelong educator, the author of numerous books, and an associate for Solution Tree and Marzano Resources. Each week, Tina will help educators dig into the essential work of self-care via bite-sized episodes that fit into your busy schedule. If you are a teacher, administrator, counselor, coach, singleton, or simply considering a career in education, this podcast is for you. Because truth be told, this isn't just a podcast; this is a community. We are the caretakers. It's time to find ourselves again so we can create lives we don't need to escape from. You are welcome here.