170. How to Raise Capital & Start Funds for Real Estate or Private Equity w/ Bridger Pennington

Raising money for real estate deals can seem overly complex. It's not easy to raise hundreds of thousands - even millions - of dollars for your investment or private equity deal.  When it comes to raising capital, there's many ways to do it. There are private equity funds, hedgefunds, syndications, and more. How do you know what to use, and, more importantly, how to use them? So we're inviting Bridger Pennington, the cofounder of Fund Launch and the host of the Investment Funds Secrets podcast. Check out his website: https://www.fundlaunch.com/   Exclusive to SSI listeners, Forge Building Company is offering a FREE consultation and Complimentary Site Layout. They are AJ’s go-to building contractor for all things self-storage, who has saved us literally hundreds of thousands of dollars on one deal alone. Find out more: https://forgebuildings.com/podcast   Be sure to check out our partners! Janus International - https://www.janusintl.com/ Live Oak Bank - liveoakbank.com/incomepodcast Tenant Inc. - https://www.tenantinc.com/ Want to invest in storage without dealing with the day-to-day operations and management? Learn more about our syndication company Cedar Creek Wealth here: https://www.cedarcreekwealth.com/ Investing in real estate is like climbing a mountain, depending on where you are on your journey, you need a different set of tools and resources so you can grow. That's why we created The Circle - the go-to real estate investment community to help people grow and scale in real estate. Find out more here: https://www.thecrecircle.com/ Want to pick up my best-selling book for free? You got it - just head over to the Self Storage Income website and download your free copy here: https://selfstorageincome.com/  

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