185. Buying your First Self Storage Facility: Do's and Don'ts w/ Ben Kall

Starting out in Self Storage can seem scary and complicated. Even if you've studied the topic and the math, nothing beats experience in the industry and knowing what metrics to achieve and what pitfalls to avoid.  Ben Kall is a real estate agent and broker out of Minnesota. He's dealt in multi-family, triple net lease (NNN), and now Self Storage. His first investment (outside his first home) was a $1.5 million facility. We've invited him on to share some of his experiences just starting out, what it's like,and what you need to know about acquiring your first facility! Check out Ben's company: https://www.legacystoragemn.com/  Our partners: Live Oak Bank - liveoakbank.com/incomepodcast Tenant Inc. - https://www.tenantinc.com/ Janus International - https://www.janusintl.com/ Grab my audiobook Growing Wealth in Self Storage for FREE: https://www.selfstorageincome.com/free-audiobook  Want to invest in storage without dealing with the day-to-day operations and management? Learn more about our syndication company Cedar Creek here: https://www.cedarcreekwealth.com/

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