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Amazon Now Leaning On Sellers On The Antitrust Issues?

We brought you the news recently at which the speed of the Antitrust is moving and Amazon’s statement to slow things down. This could have massive impact on sellers if they switch things up and get rid of 3P and back channel via 1P to skirt the issues of competing with its own customers. Though it does not always feel this way, sellers are Amazon customers too. We drive billons of revenue in PPC spend, give Amazon the opportunity to be the “Everything Store” whilst driving a fees based revenue generator called FBA. Whilst this is happening, we have to trade in almost darkness on data, whilst they can refine their own in house brands. Today I bring in Clement Wan, Steve Simonson and Diana Gershman to re open the discussion on Fair Play and the email Amazon sent to customers for support.

Om Podcasten

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