Season 2 Episode #14 - Lineage & Legacy

In this episode of serendipity, Ink and Oak discuss the importance of fatherhood, what it means to be a father, the examples they saw, and the one they set for those fathers and fathers to be coming up. 2:30 - Magnify and manifest in your lane. "Stop measuring your value by looking at others. Keep your focus on yourself and your responsibilities. Focusing on others will only cause you to miss what God is trying to do through you." -Oak. 5:40 - Your gifts are unique to you. Someone may have a similar gift, but only you can do what you do. Be bold enough to stay focused on what your unique gifts bring to the table.  11:00 - "When you go through trials, tests, and challenges, it's easy to lose sight of where you're going and the blessing(s) you received along the way. Make sure your perspective always allows you to recognize and receive the blessing(s)." 25:05 - Special guest Isiah opens up about his perceptions on fatherhood. At 22, he offers a fresh perspective on the role fathers play in their children's lives. 39:22 - "Create a space that's safe for your peace." -Oak 47:45 - Why is what you do important to you? That answer will provide fuel to keep going when you get tired on the journey.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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