Season 2 Episode #8 - Sustainability

In today’s episode, Ink and Oak discuss what it takes to sustain success and how to remain aware when life lessons are being taught.  2:08- Everything you go through is for a reason and has a purpose bigger than what you know at the time. Be aware of where you are when each purpose is realized, making necessary adjustments to support and accommodate the positive change.  6:10- If something in your life shows up unexpectedly, chances are it came to teach you a lesson. Study it, learn from it and, act on the lesson learned. 17:00- After you've made the money and achieved the status, what makes you keep pushing and executing at the same or better levels? Once you’ve got what you came in search of, what’s your “why” to keep it up? 20:00-  Your success came at a cost. To you and to those who laid the foundation and came before. Always be grateful for the opportunity and, for the sacrifice it took to get you where you are. 34:24-The more you get, the more you give. Beware of becoming complacent or feeling you've done enough. There’s always more work to do. Check your motivations and re-engage. 36:45- Be careful with how you describe your experience. They can be a tool to free another’s mind or a prion to jail yourself—words matter. Choose and speak only the best ones when discussing your journey. 43:40- To what standard do you hold yourself? Never let the expectations, words, or actions of others dictate your behavior.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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