Serendipity Short

Has something in your life ever gone wrong but it ended up going right? It’s likely that there are difficult circumstances that you’ve had that were excruciating in the moment, but as you reflect on it later, you realize that it was one of the best things that occurred. As we head into Season 2 of The Serendipity Podcast, Inky reminds us of the meaning of Serendipity and why he started this podcast. He reminds us that success and accomplishment are easy to talk about but they usually come on the heels of dreams deferred, broken relationships, or tragic events. Don’t waste the experience or miss the opportunity because you are expecting Easy. Appreciate what God allows and extract the lesson so that you can add value to everyone within your sphere of influence. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Om Podcasten

Join Inky Johnson for an insightful dialogue about the occurrence and development of events in one's life that happen by chance in a happy or beneficial way.