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Spotify gets in on the economics of streaming debate

av Setlist | Publicerades 3/22/2021

CMU’s Andy Malt and Chris Cooke review key events in music and the music business from the last week, including Spotify’s new website formally laying out its positions on the different aspects of the economics of streaming debate, and calls for the Recording Academy to support publishing contract reform. SECTION TIMES 01: Spotify on the streaming economics (00:03:15) 02: The campaign against ‘minimum delivery and release commitment’ (00:28:23) (Timings may be slightly different due to adverts) STORIES DISCUSSED THIS WEEK • Spotify formally enters the economics of streaming debate with new Loud & Clear website • Songwriter groups call on Recording Academy to support campaign against minimum release commitments in publishing deals ALSO MENTIONED • Music Copyright Explained – download the new guide from the Intellectual Property Office and CMU Insights • Music Copyright Explained – sign up for free webinars • Setlist: Deezer’s big push to get support for user-centric royalty distribution (September 2019) • NMPA boss hopeful streaming rate increases will stay despite appeals court forcing a review (August 2020) MORE FROM CMU • Book your place on CMU’s weekly webinars • Buy the new Dissecting The Digital Dollar book on Amazon • Sign up to receive the CMU Daily news bulletin

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