How to Initiate (If You Never Do)

There’s often someone who initiates the sex, and someone who says “yes” or “no.” These roles can work long-term, but what happens when sexual initiations become a problem? When you’re always hearing no, or when you always say no? On today’s show, I'm talking about sexual initiations and how to make this moment a better experience for all. When you’re the initiator, but want your partner to do it more often, how do you talk to them about it? We’ll also get into spontaneous vs. responsive desire, and as someone with responsive desire, I’ll share my routine for getting turned on for sex. Finally, when you and your partner are so busy that no one’s initiating, what’s the conversation you need to have? I advise a caller in this exact situation.Show Notes:The Future of Sex TechThe Sexiest Morning Routine EverPRE-ORDER MY NEW BOOK! Smart Sex: How to Boost Your Sex IQ and Own Your PleasureSMART SEX PRIZE PACK (submit your pre-order proof of purchase at the bottom of the page, be entered to win the prize pack and everyone that enters receives a copy of my new and improved Yes! No! Maybe? Guide)SmartMouthVUSH I Come First - Self-Connection Kit (Kit is 50% off, Save an additional 10% with the code EMILYICF)I Gave My Friend a Magic Wand Mini. Here’s (code SexWithEmily10 for 10% off) Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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