VOGUE Magazine BLM 'Hope' Covers

av Shade | Publicerades 1/18/2021

Fashion & the BLM uprisings Image Focus: British Vogue Cover, The September Issue 2020 American Vogue Covers, The September Issue 2020 Guests Osman Ahmed, Fashion Features Editor i-D Magazine  Mariel Tyler, Photographer (Former Photo Editor of ELLE.COM & Getty) Shade is produced and hosted by Lou Mensah Please support this work by becoming a Shade Patron  Full season music is composed by Brian Jackson Episode Two additional music by Luke Cage Mixing & sound design CA Davis Thank you Kloris for supporting Shade Podcast Season Four Sign up to Shade Patreon (for as little as £1 monthly) to receive your Kloris gift! New and existing patrons, simply message Shade via Patreon messenger, and write KLORIS in the subject header, along with your address, to claim your gift Shade Podcast and CONVERGENCE at The South London Gallery have co-curated a four part conversation series asking ’Does the media have the potential to challenge racism?’ SLG’s convergence platform hosts critical conversations, screenings and written commissions, freely available to everyone on their website. For our first talk, on January 23rd 2021, Shade Podcast will be in conversation with Kevin Morosky, filmmaker, senior advertising creative and co founder of POCC - the network accelerating equality and equity, for culturally and ethnically diverse people in the creative industries. The talk will be available from January 23rd, on the South London Gallery website and also on your podcast app as bonus Shade content….enjoy!  Support this show  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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