Series 4 - Ep16 - Brian Thompson Part 2

This month, Shirley Robertson's Sailing Podcast hosts one of offshore sailing's most accomplished names, as multiple world record holder Brian Thompson drops in for a two part chat about being one of the fastest offshore sailors on the planet.This is the second part of a two part chat with a man who, by his own admission, doesn't even know himself how many offshore World Records he's held.  In Part 1 they discuss his multiple record setting antics, from Trans-Atlantics to circumnavigations, the final figure is up in the forties, a fact Brian attributes to a long time spent sailing with American adventurer Steve Fossett.In this part, the second edition ofthe two part podcast, Thompson discusses his 2008 Vendee Globe campaign, reealing how his succsful solo circumnavigation was something of a repair project for much of the race.The pair also go on to discuss Brian's role in the succesful Jules Verne record attempt on French offshore legend Loick Peyron's Banque Populaire V, a circumnavigation that set a forty five day, thirteen hour record that stood for five years.This edition of the podcast is in two parts and is available to listen to via the podcast page of Shirley’s own website - or via most popular podcast outlets, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast and aCast. The podcast is produced and written by Tim Butt - for further enquires, please contact the show

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