205 - Rebel Moon: Child of Fire PT1 (2023) PT1

Should you watch ‘Rebel Moon: Child of Fire PT1’ from 2023? Part 1/2. Zack, I like you as a person. I also want to like your movies. This one was one of those times. 'The Sack' is back. Join our rebellion. --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/popcornpriest/message

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Join me, The Popcorn Priest and my guests as we talk about why you should or shouldn't see what we just did. I used to be a projectionist at a movie theatre. While there, besides eating many many bags of free popcorn and just as much soda, I screened, talked about, and debated movies with other movie fans like myself. I am not there anymore, however the screening, talking and debating movies lives on in this podcast. We screen new and old movies, then talk about what we like and what we didn't like. It's laid back and most of the time informative but always an adventure.