How To Find the Good Amongst the Bad (Ep.1)

Ahhh season 2 is finally here! I am so happy to be back on the mic encouraging you again. This season is going to be different than what I originally intended but it is going to still be value packed and life-giving. For the month of December (and maybe January), I am hosting a mini social media series called "Honey For The Soul" which is dedicated to sharing kind words & positive news stories to brighten up your holiday season. I know this year has been a rough one, but I want to remind you that God is still in control & there is a whole lot of good happening in the world and in our communities. So tune into today's episode as I share my heart and plan for this new series and season 2 overall. I hope you enjoy! SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: Instagram: YouTube:

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A personal development podcast designed to help you break out of your shell and build self-confidence, so you can shine your light onto the world! Words of affirmation is my love language, so join me each week as I encourage and affirm you as we learn how to live out a life of FAITH instead of FEAR.