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Webinar: Braille Innovations

av Sight and Sound Technology Podcast | Publicerades 11/19/2020

For blind people around the world, Braille is integral to our lives. We use it numerous times every day, to do all sorts of things, and there’s no doubt that it has been instrumental in linking education to better career prospects.

At Sight and Sound Technology, we’re passionate not only about how Braille is used right now, and the technology that works alongside it, but to look at how Braille is evolving, and what might be possible in the future.
On this special Webinar Wednesday session, we’re talking about Braille Innovations and how you can find support to know more about Braille and its many codes in the UK and Ireland.

Our guests for this session are Dr. Sile O’Modhrain, from the University of Michigan, Dr. Donal Fitzpatrick, from Dublin City University, and Mr. Dave Williams, Chair of the Braillists Foundation.

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