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EP12: Going Greener

Episode 12: Going GreenerReduce, Reuse, and Recycle. This week it’s all about taking steps to make a smaller carbon footprint! I was inspired by a field trip to the SIMS Municipal Recycling Center. Let’s bust some of the most common recycling myths and learn 5 easy ways to reduce everyday waste together. Featured recipe: Carrot Top Pesto

Om Podcasten

Welcome to Simmer Down with Viv. I’m your host Vivian Chan. Each week we will dive into topic that I’m hungry for. I may or may not have a friend that will join me. The conversation maybe a sweet one or just plain salty but I promise you that it will be full of well-balanced flavors. So much flavor that you can taste it with a recipe that dedicated to that specific episode. Be sure to follow Simmer Down with Viv on Instagram for all recipe links, updates and info. Now get comfy because we are going to turn the heat on low, let the baby bubbles pop and simmer down into this week’s juicy conversation.Simmer Down with Viv is produced by Vivian Chan and edited by the amazingly talented Traci Gushiken from withyoumedia. Thank you for listening.