A Better Mom System with Enneagram Three Laura Hernandez

I don’t know about you, but I love the idea of systems, except for one minor problem- systems threaten my ideas of spontaneity and seem, boring! Since becoming a mom, I’ve learned the value of systems and I’ve made it a habit to do my best to learn from others who are naturally better at systems than I am. I’ve done my fair share of system guru searching and some have worked and others, well not so much. But, today, I think you will appreciate the practical and super helpful system advice from Laura Hernandez. Laura leads as an Enneagram three and I’ve learned this personality excels in teaching paths to success in the arenas they are passionate and knowledgable about- much like our Enneagram One and Five friends. I’m going to let Laura share how her Mom Systems began- but a little sneak peek might have something to do with the number of children she has. And friends, she has more than three times the number of children, I do, so she’s earned some series street credit! Also, If you are interested in specific episodes about the Enneagram Type Three check out episode #170 in my Motherhood and Enneagram series and episode #105 the Summer in the Enneagram Series 2019Say "Hi" to Laura and me on Instagram!Schedule a 15-minute Enneagram coaching zoom session. Download your free copy of Enneagram for Moms Guidebook. Are you struggling to find that perfect gift? Do you wonder why their list looks so crazy different from yours? Well, wonder no more because I’ve created the Enneagram Gift Giving Guide created with you in mind.  Get the free guide plus bonus gift tags at www.simplywholehearted.com/enneagram-gift-guide. 

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