Burned Out From Religion? | a conversation with Mo Aiken

Today’s conversation is with an old friend of the podcast Mo Isom- she was a guest clear back in October 2018 and today she is back to share about her new book Fully Know, and invitation to true intimacy with God. It’s so fitting that this is her follow-up book to Sex, Jesus and the Conversations the Church Forgot. If you know Mo you know this girlfriend goes deep! And she is #enneagram8 bold and vulnerable- she doesn’t mince words. So, just have a heads up that there are a few minutes that you might prefer to listen without little ears hearing terminology that might need some explaining. Today Mo going to upack eternity-defining concepts that may have become confusing and how God’s design of relationships, marriage, sex, and family unviels the blueprint for spiritual intimacy. We do some fiery preaching and conversing-  I just loved every minute of this conversation and I know you will too. Also, if some of the topics hit you at gut level today, but there is more you would like to talk through, I’d love a chance to meet you on a 15-minute discovery call. The Enneagram is not just a fun table topic, it’s a resource that will provide transformation to your spiritual life and relationships. I’d be delighted to explore how I can partner with you to get free from anxiety, mom-guilt, and the triggers that keep you stuck. Are you struggling to find that perfect gift? Do you wonder why their list looks so crazy different from yours? Well, wonder no more because I’ve created the Enneagram Gift Giving Guide created with you in mind.  Get the free guide plus bonus gift tags at www.simplywholehearted.com/enneagram-gift-guide. 

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